Fight Club was a pretty big deal. A 1999 American film based on the 1996 novel of the same name by Chuck Palahniuk (FUN FACT: The Fightstar track 'Palahniuk's Laughter' is named after the author, and the EP it's taken from 'They Liked You Better When You Were Dead' is based on the movie 'Fight Club'), and it was one of the most influential films of the time.

Without spoiling anything (although the movie came out in 1999, so if you haven't watched it, shame on you!), it's an incredibly twisted, dark tale about a depressed man known as the Narrator (Edward Norton) suffering from insomnia, who meets a strange soap salesman named Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) and soon finds himself living in his squalid house after his perfect apartment is destroyed. The two bored men form an underground club with strict rules and fight other men who are fed up with their mundane lives. Their perfect partnership frays when Marla (Helena Bonham Carter), a fellow support group crasher, attracts Tyler's attention.

Anyway, for the poster, I wanted to keep it somewhat simple, whilst also being a little wild, much like the personalities of the Narrator and Tyler Durden. The tagline "Fuck Martha Stewert...It'd all going down" always made me laugh, so that's why that's included.

It's also one of the shorter taglines that didn't involve soap, so there's also that.

So, here it is, and right after it you can find the alternate version too!

All done in Photoshop and Krita, with a Wacom Intuos Pro, mouse and keyboard.

I remember being about 6 when I first watched RoboCop, and although it was a bit too old for me to watch (it was an 18), it didn't stop it being a totally awesome film. I also remember watching the lame cartoon series, and the live action show that was shown on a Saturday afternoon, but they, well, they wasn't quite up there with the movie...

Anyway, after the Terminator poser I did, I started on this RoboCop piece, which didn't quite work out as I'd planned, so I ended up going for quite a standardized 80's aesthetic. I think I'll revisit this piece, as it's a bit boring, but for now, done!

All done in Photoshop and Krita, with a Wacom Intuos Pro, mouse and keyboard.

I'm really looking forward to 'Spider-Man: Homecoming', and I genuinely think Tom Holland could be the best Peter Parker/Spiderman we've had on the big screen, but what I didn't like, was the official theatrical poster that was released today.

It looks like (and I don't mean this as offence to anyone) but it looks like fan-art. Very busy, seemingly slapped together.

Now, I'm not saying anything I do is better than someone who was paid millions by Disney to do some promo art, but I feel that Homecoming doesn't need a busy, overly chaotic poster to showcase the movie, so here is my Homecoming poster.

All done in Photoshop and Krita, with a Wacom Intuos Pro, mouse and keyboard.

"I'll be back...In shades of pink and blue"

I've never done a Terminator piece before, and although I messed up Arnies mouth a smidge, pretty happy with it! Will revisit this at some point, as I think it could be better, but for now, here it is!

All done in Photoshop and Krita, with a Wacom Intuos Pro, mouse and keyboard.

Let it be known, that 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit' is one of the best films ever made. Even after 29 years the film still holds up, it still looks amazing, and the acting is still so, so good.

There's actually a really interesting video about why 'Roger Rabbit' still holds up incredibly well, so if you're a fan of the movie, or even just about animation, it's really worth checking out.

For the poster, it originally started as another neo-noir piece, but I wasn't happy with it, and it seemed too crazy-for-the-sake-of-being-crazy, so I scrapped it, and instead went with a more minimal noir style.

It doesn't seem as wild or intricate as some of my other pieces, but I think the low colour pallet and grubby pattern texture makes the piece seem more 'pop' against the white background.

The idea for Roger under the magnifying glass, was that he would appear to have finger prints on him, hence the pattern shift, but not 100% if that comes across.

Anyway, all done in Photoshop and Krita, with a Wacom Intuos Pro, mouse and keyboard.

Bioshock Infinite is a gorgeous game, and one of the best in the series (granted, there's only been three games, but still!) and as a gift for one of my birthdays, fellow PvP Presenter, Dan, brought me the 'Art of Bioshock Infinite' which is both a brilliant book for fans of the series and art alike.

However, the artists of Bioshock Infinite (which I wont name as there are quite a few!) are immensely talented and creative, and I didn't even want to try and replicate their style.

So, I decided to go for a very minimal, yet punchy piece, which, although not intended, is very similar to the poster art for 'La La Land'. Which I've never watched by the way.

All done in Photoshop and Krita, with a Wacom Intuos Pro, mouse and keyboard.

Another rather overlooked game at times, is Max Payne 3. Whilst it was very well received (yours truly reviewed it back when Tech Beever was more than a distant memory, and not just an archive at Podcast vs Player), I don't seem to remember it flying off the shelves like it should've.

Anyway, while I sit and wait for RockStar to announce either Max Payne 5 or AT LEAST a remaster of 3 (and 1 & 2 while you're at it!), I decided to neo-noir it up with some Max Payne poster art.

All done in Photoshop and Krita, with a Wacom Intuos Pro, mouse and keyboard.

Anyone who knows me knows I'm a big fan of the Deus Ex franchise (even Human Revolution), and one of the reasons (other than it being an amazing cyberpunk esque world) is the art direction. Everything looks so bleak, but in a future, stylish way. Only thing that I never 100% got on board with, is the humish yellow glow that surrounds a big bulk of the game (but then again, I'd have just replaced it with pinks, purples and turquoise!).

So, here's Mr Adam Jenson, with a more cyberpunk colour pallet, sporting his signature combat nano-ceramic blades.

The title credits 'Deus EX', is done in a similar manner to some of my 007 works, in which I utilize the two titles togther. Using a very minimalistic font (Tall & Lean), with a character spacing of 1780, but highlighting the E and the X in pink to create EX.

All done in Photoshop and Krita, with a Wacom Intuos Pro, mouse and keyboard.